Instructors & Leadership Students


Mr. John Kruger & Jennifer Kruger
- Mr. & Mrs. Kruger are the owners of the Danville school

Mr. Kruger is a newly promoted 5th Degree Black Belt, Certified Instructor.  Mr. Kruger was the 2005 Illinois State Champ in Sparring, 17-29 Men Division & 2013 State Champ in Combat.  Mr. Kruger holds certification in PPCT Knife Defense and Train the Trainer. He is a native of Danville, a graduate of Danville High School, and left his full time employment in early 2013 to run the school full-time. John is also a student of Red Dragon Japanese Jujitsu, and enjoys ground fighting, playing cards, and computer games.

Mrs. Kruger is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor. Mrs. Kruger was Illinois State Champ in Forms & Sparring, 17-29 Women Division, in 2006. Mrs. Kruger holds certification in PPCT Disruptive Student Management and Bullying Prevention. She was born and raised in Danville, a graduate of Danville High School, and DACC with an Associate’s in Marketing.  She also holds an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science thru McAllister Institute of New York.  Jen enjoys to read Stephen King and romance novels, travel to warm and exotic places, and has a hard time saying no! She currently sits on the board for Big Brothers Big Sisters, is past president of Danville Sunrise Rotary, a members of Danville Ambucs, and is current president of Danville Executive Club. When she is not at the school she can be found managing Pape Family Funeral Home, where she is the lead Funeral Director and Embalmer as well.

Mrs. Kimberly L. Hagley -
Mrs. Hagley is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and Specialty Certified Instructor. She is the mother of Mrs. Kruger.  She currently works for Danville D118 in the cafeteria and at Liberty School doing the Y kids program before and after school. Kim just accepted the position as our Camp Director and will be leaving Y Kids at the conclusion of the 2016/17 school year. She lives in Bismarck wither her husband Eric and also has 2 other children besides Mrs. Kruger.  She attended Bismarck Grade School and High School, and attended DACC. Kim is a big supporter and planner of our Relay for Life team, as well as instrumental in planning our Ambucs show every year 
Miss Makayla Peterson
- Makayla is a 3rd Degree Black Belt  and the Asst. Chief Instructor of the Danville school.  Currently a Specialty Certified Instructor she plans to collar up as soon as she is of age.  Makayla is a 2016 Graduate of Oakwood High School, a CNA, and in attending DACC working towards her dream of becoming a Physician's Asst. or a Nurse Practitioner. She was the 2015 Nakota Queen and is the 2010 State Champion in Sparring, age 11-13 girls bracket, was a first ever District Champ in 2013, and made World Top Ten in 2013 as well.


Mr. Robert Finley-  Mr. Bob as the kids call him is a Certified Trainee Instructor and 3rd Degree Black Belt, who attends with his son, also an instructor.  Joining for the excercise, it wasn't long before he felt his competitive edge come out. Mr. Finley is the 2010 Illinois State Champ in Sparring & Form, 50-59 Mens Division,  2011 Illinois State Champ in Sparring and Form, 50-59 Mens Division, and 2012 Illinois State Champ as both a color belt in Sparring, Form & Weapons, and as a Black Belt in Sparring & Form.  He was 2013 Illinois State Champ in all three divisions as well, and made World Top Ten in 2013-earnign 3rd in the World in Combat Sparring.
Mr. Christopher Adkins- Christopher is a Certified Trainee Instructor and a 3rd Degree Black Belt-and yes he uses a walker.  Christopher was our first Special Abilities Student, being born with a condition called Mitochondial Disease. He is 18 years old and attends Danville High School, as well as works for Work Source. Christopher was 2012 Illinois State Champ in Form & Sparring, 12-14 year old, Boys Special Abilities, 2013 Illinois State Champ in Form, Weapons & Sparring, 12-14 Year Old Boys Special Abilities, and was World Top Ten in 2014 earning the honor of 2014 World Champ in Form! He enjoys volunteering for the monthly Food Basket program at St. James Church and likes traveling to the beach.

Ms. Austi Grayson- Ms. Austi  is a 2nd Degree Black belt with her sights set ongoing even higher. She is a Trainee Instructor and one of our ASP volunteers and drivers. She is currently enrolled in the Mortuary Science Program at AAMI where, you guessed it, she is following in Mrs. Kruger's footsteps to become a Funeral Director. She has twin 2-year old girls who will be on the mats as soon as they are potty trained. Austi was 2014 District Champ and competed in 2014 World Top Ten where she was eliminated, but holds the honor of making it there.


Mr. Gabriel Marlow- Gabriel is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and a Certified Trainee Instructor.  He works as an ASP volunteer, enjoys teaching the kids classes, and can also be found at Pape Family Funeral Home where he works part-time in Building and Grounds. He was a transfer student when we assumed classes at the YMCA. He can also be found playing video games, watching movies, and playing card games.

Mr. Samuel Marlow- Sam is a 2nd Degree Black Belt, Certified Trainee Instructor, and a new daddy to a beautiful baby boy! He lives in Danville and works at Watch Fire Signs during the day. He is an amazing Tiger Instructor, and never hesitates to give extra help when asked. In 2016 he took over reigns and launched our first ever XMA class that he now runs two nights a week. His hobbies include playing poker and Clash of Clans, as well as spending time with his son and working on his first house. His brother Gabriel is a fellow student and instructor, and his mother and sister are Warrior XFit members as well.

Miss Kendall Cooley- Kendall is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and a Certified Trainee Instructor who has been with us since she was 5 years old. She is an amazing yougn woman with a great attitude, natural martial arts ability, and a big heart. She attends Salt Fork schools and has a sister and mom who she raises (I kid, but she is really a mature child)! 

Miss Bailey McMasters- Bailey is a 2nd Degree Black Belt who memorized nine forms in 2 months to test into the Instructorship Program. She is now a Trainee Instructor and a student at Bismarck Junior High. While very young, she is dedicated and has beautiful kicks and stances. Her mommy is a local attorney who passed on some wonderful techniques to her child, as Bailey is already well versed in the art of compromise, mediation, and self-control!

Mr. Kenny Merrill- Kenny started with us when he was 3 years old and has never left since. Now a big brother to an ornery red headed four year old sister in our program, he has became an awesome Junior Instructor in late 2016. In middle school at Bismarck Junior High he has expanded his sports enthusiasm to include Basketball and Game Club as well. His mommy is also an instructor and teaches our Kickboxing class.

Mr. Chase McMasters- Chase has been with our program since he was five years old and is now a 3rd degree Black Belt and a Junior Trainee Instructor. In 2016 he joined our Instructorship program along with his sister and enjoys working with the Tigers. Chase plays baseball every summer and likes video games and animals as well.

Mr. Elliott Calvin- Elliott is a soon-to-be 1st Degree Black Belt and one of the newest members of our Trainee Instructorship program. He lives in Danville with his mom and volunteers for the Danville Humane Society, where they love to adopt kitties! Elliott has a great sense of humor and is eager to learn new things. His passion currently is ground fighting and he can often be found rooting on The Dashers every weekend!

Miss Seven Ellis- Seven joined the Kruger family in 2014 and has become one of the most dedicated students and instructors ever! As part of the after school program, Seven attends classes and teaches everyday of the week and loves working with the younger children. She attends along with her brother and sister,  is slated to earn her 1st Degree Black Belt in February of 2017, and is a Trainee Instructor. She attends Westville Grade School.

Mr. Kaden Ellis- Kaden was also a 2014 addition to the school and shares the title of most dedicated with his sister Seven. As part of our After School Program, he is also a Trainee Instructor and soon to be 1st Degree Black Belt, Kaden is part of our XMA program and never misses a tournament within driving distance. He has his sights set on becoming a state champ and owning his own school someday.

Photo Coming Soon!        Mr. Jonathan Ireland- Jonathan transferred to our ASP program in 2014 from another school and has never looked back since. A prodigy with the kamas in our XMA program, he is a 1st Degree Black Belt and a great asset to our instructor program as a Trainee Instructor. In summer of 2017 he will go on the payroll as a camp instructor with our Tigers and has already volunteered to begin training for it. He lives in Danville with his parents and his other hobbies include video games, hockey and baseball.

Miss Charleigh Collom- Miss Charleigh is a petite girl with a big heart and aspirations higher than the moon! Charleigh is in 5th grade at South View Upper Elementary where she enjoys school but struggles with math. She is outgoing and friendly, which made her the perfect candidate for our Trainee Instructorship Program in June of 2016. She earned her 1st Degree Black Belt in Dec. 2016 and has her sights set on 2nd Degree.

 Mrs. Dawn Merrill- Dawn is a home healthcare nurse with a huge heart, the inability to say no like Mrs. Kruger, and the feisty fight in her that makes her a truly amazing individual to call a co-worker and a friend. She is Turbo Beachbody Certified, an ATA Trainee Instructor, and has recently returned to DACC and enrolled in the nursing program to expand her knowledge and earn her RN. Facing some minor medical issues and a heart scare with her husband, Mrs. Dawn is more determined than ever. Her son Kenny and her daughter Sydney are both enrolled in our program as well.

Photo Coming Soon!            Mr. Garrett Williford- Garrett is a 2nd Degree Black Belt, a Trainee Instructor, and  he lives in Danville with his parents and a little sister. He has been a member of our school since 2012 and has a great sense of humor, a willingness to work hard, and is cautious enough for all of us!

Ms. Wendy Richards- Wendy began with our program six years ago when she enrolled both of her sons. Now adults, only one still attends, but we hired Ms. Wendy as both an ASP volunteer and an Instructor for our Warrior XFit/Kickboxing Program. Wendy lives in Danville with her husband, three kids, and her first grandchild, and is a Licensed Daycare Provider in Illinois. She is a Trainee Instructor.

Mr. Preston Fisher- Preston started classes with us when he was 14 and began quiet, shy, and reserved. We quickly fixed that problem with a boost of confidence and after three years he is a confident 1st Degree Black belt and a Trainee Instructor in our program. A cousin to Mrs. Kruger, Preston attends Salt Fork Schools where he is part of the honor society, an honor student, and an overall excellent young man, who is an active part of his community. He lives at home with his parents and a younger sister.

Photo Coming Soon!        Mr. Dalton Stimac- Dalton is a 2nd Degree Recommended Black Belt, a Trainee Instructor, and an amazing young man to know. Dalton attends Oakwood High School where he is newly licenses, and a very active part of the FFA. He is an honor student and always eager to learn new things and be part of the team.

Miss Johnna Simmons-
Johnna is now a Trainee Instructor, an ASP volunteer, and a 2nd Degree Black Belt. Her Uncle Bob Finley brought her into the program as a shy, quiet teenager who needed help standing up for herself, coming out of her shell, and finding herself. We helped where we could and this young lady is now a sophomore at DACC, working towards a Child Care Certificate. She lives in Tilton with her mom and younger brother.

Mr. Isaac McDowell- Isaac joined our Instructorship program in 2016 as one of our youngest in the Junior Trainee Instructor Program. Isaac lives in Westville with his mom and his Grandma and is about to earn his 1st Degree Black belt in Feb. of 2017. He likes to play Nerf Wars, ride his bike, and also plays baseball in the summer months. Isaac's newfound love is the Bahng Mahng Ee and creating a form in XMA!

Miss Samantha Thorne-  Sammi as she is known at home and to her friends was born and raised in Danville where she lives with her mom and her dog. A seventh grader at North Ridge, Sammi is very outgoing. She likes to be creative, helping her mom with homemade dresses and costumes, and is currently helping Mom plan her wedding to her soon-to-be stepdad Wes. A 1st Degree BlackBelt, Sammi became an Trainee Instructor in 2016 and has a non-nonsense attitude and a determination that lets nothing get in way.

Mr. Ashton Norwell- Ashton was a month shy of his thirteenth birthday when he passed away in early 2010.  He has been with our school since 2005, and was preparing to test for 2nd Degree Recommended Black Belt, and become an instructor.  Born with a bad heart, his body failed him on April 26th, 2010 at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Though we will always miss him, Ashton is now in Heaven working out with Eternal Grand Master with a heart pure as gold, as good as new.
Photo Coming Soon!        Mr. Wade Bryant- Wade is a 2nd Degree Black belt and a Leadership student. He has been part of our Special Abilities Program since 2010. Wade was born with a heart defect, ADHD, multiple learning disabilities and numerous ticks, but has never let it stop him from doing what he wants. Wade graduated from Danville High School, works at Work Source, and lives at home with his parents and two siblings. He became an uncle in 2016.

Photo Coming Soon!        Mr. Jacob Johnson- Jacob has been with us off and on since he was about 5 years old! Jacob is a Leadership Student and a 1st Degree Black belt. He lives in St. Jo with his parents, his Grandpa, and two younger siblings; one who is also in the program! Jacob works hard, has a fantastic attitude, and is willing to try anything once.

Photo Coming Soon!        Miss Emily Garrett- Emily is in our Leadership Program, as well as our ASP Program and Black Belt Club. She attends year round school, enjoys Girl Scouts, and has two younger siblings who attend as well. Emily loves to work with the Tigers and younger children.

Miss Katie Adkins- Pee Wee as she is affectionately known to many of us, was on the mats as soon as she could walk, as she followed Mrs. Kruger around and mimicked everything she did! Taking the title of our youngest Black Belt, she began classes at age 2 and hasn't stopped since. She began XMA and joined the Leadership Program in 2016. Her goal now is State Champ on her uniform. Her big brother is Christopher.

Photo Coming Soon!        Miss Piper Heiser- Piper is one of the newest additions to our Leadership Program. She has been with us for slightly over a year, and lives in Danville with her parents and older sister. She is energetic, always has a smile on her face, and isn't afraid to try new things. She is a color belt with her sights set on that 1st Degree Black Belt!