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We are currently working with the Ssahng Joel Bong, also known an Nunchakus, with the color belts. Starting after our August testing, we will begin the long sword! These will be on sale for 10% off in August and the first week of September.

BLACKBELTS are now working on the BROAD SWORD. These are completely different than the other sword. They have flags, no sheath, are a different shape, and are used differently. These will be on sale thru July 15th. Please get with Mrs. Kruger to get one ordered!


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We have already opened registration for our 2017-2018 Before & After School Program and are rapidly running out of spots! We have the ability to pick up at more locations this year, have added on staff to assist with the increased homework and make a smoother flow, AND we added ATABUS5!

BEFORE CARE AVAILABLE FOR North Ridge, South View, and Northeast. Multiple spots available. Cost is $7 per day is also doing after care, or $10 for JUST before care. Breakfast is included. Drop off as early as 7am.

Westville/Georgetown (Elementary & Middle School picked up)- 2 spots open
Bismarck-3 spots left
Liberty/Garfield/Edison-6 spots open
Southwest/VASE- 3 spots open
North Ridge- multiple spots open
South View (bigger van being used)- 5 spots open
Northeast/Mark Denman-2 spots open

Remember our program is all inclusive meaning you pay 1 price for their pickup, homework help/checking, their class three times a week, and their daily snack! Danville schools are $10 per day, county schools are $15 per day.

We automatically pick up on early out days and partial days as well for NO EXTRA CHARGE. We are also open every day the schools are closed and provide your kids a place to go, do activities, be active, and have fun! Full days are $25 per child.


TESTING- August 17th & 18th

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Testing dates are set and the kids are working hard to be prepared! Remember we require a minimum of 2 classes per week, the kids must know their required forms, combat one-steps, sparring combos, self defense, board breaks and weapons, and as always, a Black belt Attitude is REQUIRED. Our dates will be:

Thursday, August 17th
5pm- Tigers
5:30pm- Testing Slot #1- white thru red belts, all ages

Friday, June 18th
6pm- Testing Slot #2- white thru red belts, all ages
7pm- Black Belts & Recommended Black Belts

Please notice that there are 2 testing slots for everyone except for Tigers and Black Belts.

Testing Slips will begin going out the end of the first week of August and testing fees are due by the Monday of testing. Make sure to ask your instructors if you have any questions!

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